Optima Tax Relief’s Miron Lulic: The Webslinger of Spin?

Miron Lulic of Optima Tax Relief: Can he spin anything?

Miron Lulic: The Webslinger of Spin

Miron Lulic is the latest addition to Jesse Stockwell’s and Harry Langenberg’s management team, for their cavalcade of companies in industries that have been shut down, or are under investigation by Federal and State Agencies.

These companies include Debtmerica, Optima Tax Relief, Loan Now (with it’s 189% vig) and Super Money whose 5 Star rating for Optima Tax Relief is prominently displayed on their front page. Hey folks, they own Optima Tax Relief and Super Money, did you think it would be less than 5 stars?

It was the rewrite of jessestockwell.com that inspired the story at the United States Watchdogs: Optima Tax Relief / Jesse Stockwell: And The Spin Goes On, and that prompted us to ask the question: was Jesse the only person to rewrite his website? We think, as has been quoted by Jesse Stockwell, that Miron Lulic is the Master of Social Media. We at the Freedom Network, refer to Miron as Jesse Stockwell’s and Harry Langenberg’s “Webslinger”, and he sure can! Continue reading

Miron Lulic And His Partners, Harry Langenberg and Jesse Stockwell

Miron Lulic's Partners, Harry Langenberg and Jesse StockwellIt is clear all over the internet that Miron Lulic, for all intents and purposes, is the ‘brand’ for a series of companies that he is listed as a founder of, owned in major part by Harry Langenberg and Jesse Stockwell. Miron appears to be involved in the management of these companies.

While not specifically about Miron, but since Jesse and Harry seem inseparable, and Miron is now a part of this close management team, it does beg the question, “are we not who we lie down with”? The first question we believe potential clients will want to ask is, why did Jesse E. Torres IV change his name to Jesse Stockwell / Jesse E. Stockwell?

After an interview with Jesse E. Torres III, the Dad of Debtmerica, Optima Tax Relief, Loan NowSuper Money, and a trail of now defunct companies, Founder, and another one with the Founder of the Freedom Network, who tried to put up a few negative posts about Debtmerica LLC that all disappeared, we believe that the public needs to hear all the sides of these two Partners whose companies Jesse Stockwell publicizes at his website located at: jessestockwell.com.

If you really want to see how all of the trio’s companies come together and form “The Perfect Fleecing”, check out our animated video.

The purpose of this site is to show facts that are not disclosed at mironlulic.com or about Miron Lulic in order to help readers make an informed decision before doing business with any of Miron Lulic’s, Harry Langenberg’s, and Jesse Stockwell’s related companies.

Short Video: If you want to see our opinion of how the ‘boys’ businesses tie together, you really should see our short animated video entitled The Perfect Fleecing. While meant to express our conclusions and opinions, we hope it will both entertain and help you come to your own conclusions about this trio.

The following websites also have information relevant to Debtmerica LLC, Optima Tax Relief LLC, LoanNow LLC, SuperMoney LLC, Miron Lulic,  Jesse Stockwell and Harry Langenberg.

Discalmer: jessestockwell.netharrylangenberg.netoptimataxreleif.bizdebtmerica.biz and debtmerica.info are in no way affiliated with jessestockwell.com, optimataxrelief.com or Debtmerica LLC and in fact are provided to show facts about these companies not available from their or their associated websites.

Does Miron Lulic Share Harry Langenberg’s Hypocrisy?

We are all judged by those we associate with, and so should Miron Lulic. Does Harry Langenberg's Hypocrisy Know No Bounds?Judge for yourself if Miron and Harry share similar traits. Oh yes, Miron lists himself as a founder of LoanNow, LLC.

Sometimes when something is so outrageous, you have to stop what you’re doing and respond. This is one of those times. When someone is apparently so filled with hubris, they feel untouchable and that any statement they make will go unchecked. Can you believe that Harry Langenberg, a founder of Debtmerica LLC, Optima Tax Relief LLC, SuperMoney LLC and LoanNow LLC, actually tweeted to the world “Check out LoanNow, Money in minutes” with a link pointing to a website that contained the following:

Each year over 12 million Americans take out predatory payday loans that have hidden interest rates up to 700%

Continue reading

Getting your money back from Debtmerica LLC?

Getting your money back from Debtmerica LLC?Residents of New York received reimbursements for what the New York Attorney General called Debtmerica LLC’s predatory practices. As the statute of limitations vary from state to state, it may be time that Debtmerica consumers contacted their state’s Attorney General and filed a complaint asking them to take action against Debtmerica LLC. See the full New York Story.

Reprinted with permission from uswatchdogs.net.

Debtmerica was forced to pay restitution to their New York customers in the amount of $175,000 along with costs to the Attorney General of $25,000. You should also be able to do the same in your state, or it may be time for a new Attorney General.

Anyone who feels they have been victimized should contact their state’s Attorney General and file a complaint. We will shortly be providing a complaint generator or pdf form for you to fill in and send to your state’s Attorney General. Feel free to link to this story or the original pdf document from the New York Attorney General’s Assurance of Discontinuance. Here is a list of all 50 states Attorney General’s contact information.

Be sure to read our full story on how Debtmerica LLC was taken to the Woodshed in New York where they paid $175,000 in restitution to New York customers and $25,000 in costs to the New York Attorney General. Continue reading

Miron Lulic Founded LoanNow Who Charges 49% to 189% Vig: Loan Sharking?

Miron Lulic Founded LoanNow Who Charges 49% to 189% Vig: Loan SharkingAl Capone and Bugs Moran would envy Jesse Stockwell and Harry Langenberg. Our researchers are senior citizens and they had to reach for their nitro tablets when they saw the rates published, yes published, at Jesse’s and Harry’s LoanNow website available here. And if the page disappears, as has happened in the past, we made a pdf facsimile available here.

Update: We stand corrected! According to their rates and terms page, LoanNow charges up to 229% in California, 249% in Missouri and 249% in Utah. If that page disappears, we have a pdf facsimile available here.

Republished with permission from uswatchdogs.net.

We are still shaking our heads! 189% interest. That’s one-hundred-and-eighty-nine percent interest! Using their loan example of a $2500 loan paid back over 12 months, you borrow $2500 and you pay back $11,901.25. That’s $9,401.25 in interest! Hell, where we come from, that’s vig. Be serious! You can get a better deal at your local neighborhood loan shark. Even the Chicago Mob is going to buy one of Jesse Stockwell’s books he claims to author on his website, jessestockwell.com. I guess they taught a whole lot more at the Wharton School of Business than we thought. Do they hand out Tommy Guns rather than diplomas at graduation?

Let us present the following scenario of Jesse’s and Harry’s business plan. Please remember, this is pure speculation: Continue reading

Was The SuperMoney Spin Machine Miron Lulic’s Idea?

Was The SuperMoney Spin Machine Miron Lulic's Idea?SuperMoney at first-look appears to be an independent website with financial information for visitors. Way down at the bottom of their home page we found an ‘About Us’ link. That leads you to another link, then to the following page. There you will find that SuperMoney is another business in the family of businesses owned and operated by Jesse Stockwell and Harry Langenberg, now joined by Miron Lulic. As the pages of the boys website seem to disappear, we saved a pdf facsimile available here.

Reprinted with permission from uswatchdogs.net.

“Caveat emptor’, let the buyer beware. Supermoney.com certainly appears to us to have been created for one reason: to show what the boys want you to believe is an independent website that has nothing but high praise for Jesse Stockwell’s and Harry Langenberg’s companies, Debtmerica LLC and Optima Tax Relief LLC. On the Supermoney website on the review menu, we clicked on “Debt Settlement“. Surprise! Debtmerica is at the top of the list with a 100/100, 5-star rating. We then clicked on “Tax Relief“. Surprise again! Optima Tax Relief also has a 100/100, 5-star rating. What’s next? Anyone interested in buying this bridge in Brooklyn? Continue reading